Booking and Pre-Bookings

Please note that bookings and pre-bookings cannot be added together in the same shopping cart. These should be checked-out separately due to their different payment procedures.

Day tours online booking

Book and pay with ease.  Just choose your tour and date and follow the check-out procedure.

Regattas and cruises online pre-booking system

  1. Regattas and cruises can only be pre-booked. Choose what you like, fill in the form, and your place is secured*. No costs involved.
  2. You will receive 60 days before the actual regatta or cruise takes place a payment notification, with the kind request to pay the fee involved, by EFT or credit card.

 * If more than 6 persons pre-book the same regatta or cruise, that is person number 7 and following, he or she will be notified directly. We will then offer the choice to be placed on a waiting list or to be rescheduled for another regatta or cruise.

Number of participants (Regattas and cruises)

The maximum number of participants is 6. If 60 days before the regatta or cruise takes place the minimum number of 4 participants is not met, we will notify the interested parties and offer a valid alternative.