Thw ‘winning team’ courses

In the corporate world it is all about conflict resolution, leadership, decision-taking, honesty, camaraderie, picking the right opportunities and believing in yourself.

Each member of a Management team is aware of this. However, teams change and sometimes the spirit fades away. Than it is time to remember the ultimate objectives: how to bring (again) to the table a winning team that full of flare and fire will grow the company to further prosperity and profit-levels. How to make the board and the shareholders happy.

Die-hard personality training that will awaken the eagerness to continuously hunt down opportunities is a daunted task. We can assist, by confronting the members of the team with on-the-edge and unique (real-life) experiences, where instant decision-taking is paramount for personal and team survival.

After two days of training, you must sail the CrossRoads through unknown territory to a haven, entirely on your own. The team will decide who will be the skipper, and how to sleep, cook, sail, navigate, keep watches and the very high safety standards. Don’t worry, all your decisions and actions will be overseen and guided where needed and, naturally, at a later stage evaluated and discussed. Also, there will be tasks in a gaming format, based on events we personally experienced:

We place you in the middle of a desert war where mujahidin try to overtake society; how do you as reporters bring impartial and non-biased news? You must navigate a sailing yacht through vicious storms and tell us how to survive in 12-meter waves and 70 knots of wind. You must teach us how to prevent a possible attack from a man-eating tiger at 10-meter distance in the Sunderbance, India. You organize an expedition through the forbidden forests of Manu, Peru, searching for El Paititi and the lost city of the Inca’s. Tell us how to do this on a shoe-string budget? Finally, you find yourself wounded in a life raft, the vessel burning, knowing that living another day is beyond reality. How do you cope with that?

No need to say that there are valuable stories to be experienced, lessons to be learned. And that after such a ’drill’ all return home eager to bring they’re with the company inter-linked futures to prosperity.

We tailor specialized adventure sailing trips of 5 to 7 days according your needs, requirements and expected deliverables.

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