The Skippers

The company MMK-Projects (trading for sailing underr Global-Unlimited) offers two of the best and most outstanding skippers existing. They are exquisite, extra-ordinary and non-traditional. They understand the seas, know every square inch of the yacht, experienced violent 60+ knots storms, are adventurers and rebellions by heart and ‘Live Life Till The Full’ and ‘Don’t Accept Fear, Except Fear Itself’.

Peter Stuivenberg

  • Yachtmaster Ocean, 80,000 NM
  • 45,000 NM with the Wipi, 49 ft Van der Stadt
  • 27,000 NM with the 50 ft BOC Racer CrossRoads
  • 8,000 NM delivery (catamaran)

After studying chemistry, Peter followed courses Communication (Science) provided by the University of Amsterdam and attended post graduate courses Marketing and Communication at the Open University and the Free University in Amsterdam.

Since 1975 he worked as a business-marketing/communication consultant for many companies. By the end of the seventies he started a Publishing Company in medical and clinical science magazines and build with colleagues Henk Bezemer, Flip Dronkers, Ties van Os and the publisher Eduard Reijnja a sailing magazine (active till 2000). From 1978 to 1986 he joined on a consultancy basis the marketing organization of Bureau Ellens in The Hague. In between he visited Morocco, Mali, Niger, Burkina Faso, and Senegal and wrote about agricultural development programmes.

From 1984 to 1986 he built a 49 ft sailing yacht, the Pacific from Van der Stadt. From 1987 to 1991 he sailed around the world, got chased by pirates and ship wrecked in the Red Sea outside Yemen. Once back in Europe he built between 1994 and 1998 a 50 ft BOC racer (architect Philip Cabon), started long distance offshore racing and continued his professional career in business-marketing and communication with Bureau Ellens. Also, he investigated with assistance of the Drug Enforcement Agency DEA in the US and the University of Amsterdam, the criminal, political and financial interacting networks of frauds, gambling, drug trafficking, arms smuggling and terrorism, which resulted in the writing and publishing of several books: Steve Brown Drug baron in Jeans, about the mastermind who invented tenths of drug smuggling techniques and Smuggling Routes, about the drugs and arms smuggling routes in the world and the connection with terrorist organizations.

In 1996 and 1997 he organized a multimedia expedition through India (television documentary Man Eating Tigers) and in 1998 he travelled twice on horseback through isolated parts of the Andes Mountains (Chile and Argentina).


Maaike Kallenborn

  • Yachtmaster Ocean, 35,000 NM
  • 27,000 NM with the 50 ft BOC Racer CrossRoads
  • 8,000 NM delivery (catamaran)
  • World cup speed windsurfer, 2 world records

In 1998 Peter met Maaike Kallenborn at the HISWA exhibition in Amsterdam: artist, painter, video/photography, world cup surfer. Maaike lived on Bonaire where she worked on her 30ft Bandholm. Together with Maaike he organized multimedia expeditions through a) the Sahara Desert and b) the Amazon jungle where they searched for El Paititi, the Lost City of the Inca’s. Also, the couple sailed several times the Northern and Southern Atlantic.

Between 2000 and 2003 they lived in Surinam, the Acores (Horta), Brazil (Natal) and finally South Africa (Saldanha). In that period, they wrote hundreds of articles.

In the Langebaan Lagoon and the Bay of Saldanha Maaike trained for the 500-meter world record speed windsurfing. In 2007 and 2008 she got a world record on the 500-meter (production boards) and one on the nautical mile; location Walvis Bay, Namibia.

From 2008 they delivered a yacht from Durban to St. Maarten and from 2009 they undertook many business ‘adventures’ in South Africa and Nigeria. Also, Peter wrote another 2 books: The Boogeyman, about the rise and fall of money markets, the hidden truth of the First and the Second World War and the development of the New World Order. And the title Europe and Migration, about Islamic fundamentalism threatening the European lifestyle. The book is based on terrorism encounters in Algeria, Mali, Niger, Chad, Nigeria, and Cameroun.

In 2017 the couple could not resist the wake-up call of adventures and oceans and send a comfortable lifestyle to bed (5 ha plot, horses). They refurbished the racing yacht CrossRoads and left in 2018 for the Caribbean. To be more precise the island Bonaire, where the ancestors of Maaike once were rooted and where Maaike as a child experienced the best time of her life.

Here they focus on Caribbean charters (regattas, cruises, day charter), business development, trade and the relocation of the youth to their maritime environment. Probably Peter will challenge to set up a ‘patat fritten kraam’ (fried chips). He believes that a potato can become a founding ingredient for a millionaire.

Also, and in addition Peter and Maaike plans for future projects. In following order:


  1. Starting a rum-route between Jamaica and the ABC islands, old style, ‘wink-wink’;
  2. Building a 27 ft very fast sailing yacht in Bonaire, a Simonis/Maarten Voogd design that was specifically designed as a racing class in South Africa.
  3. Developing a ‘cheapy’ trade channel between some islands in the Caribbean and South Africa, to topple the food and building cartels with their exorbitant prices;
  4. Mapping the uncharted islands and reefs between Fiji and New- Zealand;
  5. Writing another three books: one about the ‘Unbearable Truth of Apartheid’, a second about ‘The Apocalypse of Mankind, The Untold Stories’ and a third about ‘How Stupid I am’. Probably after publishing these titles you can visit Peter in a ‘Rehabilitation Centre for Non-Co-Operative Citizens’.


That is all for now folks! More stories when you are on board.