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8 Hours Sailing Clinic

Sailing Bonaire

This exciting high-speed adventure takes off from Kralendijk and familiarize you with the west-coast of Bonaire and Klein Bonaire.

The one of a kind 8-hours Sailing Clinic with the 50ft Ocean Racer CrossRoads learns you at a professional scale the tips and tricks of ocean sailing and racing. The also offered 4-hours Sailing Clinic is teaching the basics and the 6-hours Sailing Clinic is an extended course. But the 8-hours Sailing Clinic is a professional training. We teach you into detail how to helm the yacht and to handle the powerful winches. You learn about clouds and weather, satellite navigation, tacking with the running backstays and changing sails. Assuming that during the morning session you master the basics of sailing, you will speed up the yacht in the afternoon. It is a mind-blowing experience to see the mono-hull accelerating through the turquoise waters of Bonaire.

Participants will receive a by the skippers (both Yacht Master Ocean with combined 150,000 NM experience) signed certificate of competence, that you participated in a Professional Sailing Clinic (8 hours) on board of a 50ft Ocean Racer. This official document will carry your name and stipulate which disciplines of ocean sailing you master.


This is a true blast from start to finish; a fantastic experience for all thrill seekers who wish to know or once in their life what ocean racing is all about.


Note that you will always be responsible for your own safety during the trip and that you must follow the instructions of the skippers, who will always be concerned about your well-being. The skippers carry high credentials: both are certified Yacht Master Ocean with a combined 150.000 NM of experience. The yacht is rated in the race division of the Caribbean Sailing Association and is in full race condition with brand-new racing sails.

Not included: personal insurances (health care, belongings).

Costs all-in: a hard-core sailors lunch, coffee/tea and soft drinks, cleaning and a signed certificate and a free drink rum/coke, gin/tonic, beer or wine upon arrival.

For more information or bookings: Contact Peter Stuivenberg


This sportive sailing clinic can sometimes be wet. Bring takkies for safe footing and if possible, a jacket against wind chill.

Cameras and cellphones should be water protected. But not to worry, we store your precious items below deck, and we will provide you with GoPro footage of the trip.

During the extended 8-hours sailing clinics we present a simple ‘sailors-lunch’ and join a free captains drink (mostly rum/whisky with water or coke).

Bring your swimming gear and towel.

Toilet on board.

A maximum of 10 participants.

Participants will receive a certificate of competence.


The moment you step on board of the Racer CrossRoads you feel directly the power invested in the yacht. And when the enormous mainsail is hoisted, the tension builds up. Then with the foresails up the yacht kicks off like a racing horse. You embrace a pure adrenaline rush. Feel the excitement as the yacht tacks at high speed, skimming over the water, leaving you breathless!




We pick you up at Karelse Bar (see Course & Location tab).



On board of the CrossRoads we have an introduction and safety briefing and select the persons who wish to play an active part in the sailing clinic: sail trim, winch and rope handling, helming etc.

We start with a fast on the wind or beam-reach leg, heading in south-easterly direction, later following the west coast of the Island over beautiful flat waters. Enjoy the adrenaline rush from the accelerating speed.



At Punt Vierkant we turn a bit higher to the wind, sailing the flat waters of the Salt Works where the trade wind passes unobstructed.



Passing the White Slave or Red Slave points, we take a northerly heading.



After a few miles we change sails and set course to the west side of Klein Bonaire. This is a fast downwind/beam-reach leg.



We pass the island Klein Bonaire.



We continue our downwind reach in a nice trade wind, that covered by the hills turns for the last few mails in a light breeze. Our destination is Slagbaai in Washington Park. There we pick up a mooring.



We enjoy a nice swim and a sailor’s lunch with tea, coffee and soft drinks.



We turn back to Kralendijk and enjoy a challenging on the wind leg in flat calm waters. We will tack several times and try to sail this leg as efficient as possible, while following the beautiful coastline at close distance..



Arrival at the mooring at Kralendijk, signing off the certificates while enjoying a rum/coke, gin/tonic, beer or a glass of wine on the house.


Note: if weather condition permit. Otherwise another course will be sailed.



Meet / Pick-Up Location and Course

Click on maps icons for more information, zoom out to view the course.

Map Legent:

Karelse Pick-Up Location
Location where you will be picked up and boated from the Karelse Bar pier in our dinghy to the SY Crossroads.

Crossroads Mooring Location

Course line

The mooring location of the Crossroads (zoom in if not visible)

Course Line (zoom out to view the whole course)

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